Close your eyes,
  start to dream...

In the heart of Apulia, in the northern sub-region called Daunia, in the beautiful territory of Gargano, Parco dei Principi gives you the warmest welcome.

The ideal place to store memories and delight the palates of our guests with unique dishes and new combinations as to make the Apulian cuisine always superb. We would be grateful to welcome you in the beautiful and natural gardens surrounding our banquet rooms among colours, ingredients and flavours that will enhance your senses.
Parco dei Principipays particular attention to the choice of customized menus depending on the needs of spouses and matching food and wine impeccably..
The banquet rooms: Royal Orchid and Crystal differ in size and furniture; both allow the bridal couple and their guests to experience the all wedding party like walking a path of sensations and tastes among gardens and wide interiors. We fulfill your wishes and, with you, make them real ensuring perfection to every detail: from the wedding banquet to the conception of the bridal theme, from fittings to mise en place. Moreover, the whole structure has 15 suites where the guests can enjoy a pleasant stay.


Getting married in winter

The cold months are now a trend, it may be for the colours of the sunset or for the first flakes of snow, but the light that marks this period is unique.
Fulfil the dream of your wedding in an intimate winter atmosphere among warm lights, shades of gold, themed decorations, original centrepieces and placeholders in paper and wire wool. Imagine the location of your wedding party enriched with the delicate scent of vanilla candles, potpourri of orange peel and cinnamon, holly, moss and berries for a party where magic and enchantment will rule. And for the bouquet composition you will choose among tulips, orchids, snowdrops, daffodils, lilies, hyacinths and hellebores, all will be perfect to convey feelings of warmth and elegance.

Getting married in autumn

Autumn is the ideal and perfect season for a simple but effective wedding. The most original bridal couples will dare with warm colours like orange, salmon pink, yellow and red to be found in the timeless roses, in gerberas, tulips and orchids.
Getting married in autumn seems to someone an unusual choice, anyway many believe it is the most suitable time of the year if you wish a party with sophisticated and oriental tones. With the right amount of fancy and cleverly combining light and colour, typical of the season, your wedding party will have in autumn a certainly suggestive atmosphere.

Why getting married

Our region always gives some amazement in the eyes of the strangers who want to discover its olive trees, its colours and scents, its light and most authentic flavours.

Getting married in Apulia is an experience never to be forgotten.
Those who choose Apulia to celebrate their wedding party will experience the charm of a timeless land where tastes and spaces lead guests and spouses to a very special atmosphere.

Traditions of ancient beauty and the Apulian culture become inimitable scenery where to feel welcomed among smiling faces, serenades in the streets, typical dances and folklore.