Who we are

Parco dei

It was founded in 1970 on the willing of Scirano family to open a charming hospitality building called Parco dei Principi.

Located among beautiful gardens and enriched by impressive waterfalls and a romantic pool. The whole structure can accommodate its guests in two elegant banquet rooms, each one marked by a peculiar atmosphere suitable to spend wonderful wedding parties, celebration of the civil rites, banquets, special events, business meetings, business brunches and corporate dinners.. The long experience in the field of hospitality, the high quality cuisine and impeccable service are the key factors at Parco dei Principi.


Parco dei Principi is immerse in a charming green nature with exotic varieties surrounding a big and beautiful swimming pool where unique aperitifs, marked by a variety of culinary choice, are served in a scenography set.

The scenery enchants the bridal couple and their guests immersing them in a unique atmosphere using all the places of the whole structure: from the banquet rooms to the gardens, from the magic fountains to the light of the waterfalls. Wedding parties at Parco dei Principi leave the distinctive sign of originality and poetry.

Originality and

The location shows such an adaptability that can host any event or party.

Parco dei Principi has an outdoor scenery, elegant and charming, where magnificent gardens, enhanced by impressive waterfalls and a romantic pool, surround the entire structure and create the ideal atmosphere for your wedding banquet. The outdoor areas draw a fabulous place for all bridal couples who dream an extraordinary wedding party, enjoying beautiful sunny days and emotional starry evenings.

IThe green gardens become integral part of a multifaceted festival that use all the spaces of Parco dei Principi, creating always original sets and buffets. The fittings and decorations of the gardens are the best background to the most evocative pictures of the day.